Penn State Intercom......February 1, 2001

Energy Institute
to administer
Penn Power
Sustainable Energy Fund
–The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund wil

The University's Energy Institute has been selected to administer the new West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund. The fund, which is one of four sustainable energy funds in the Commonwealth, was established by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission as part the of deregulation and re-structuring of Pennsylvania's electric generation. Collectively these four funds will provide nearly $55 million in the development and im-plementation of sustainable energy technologies throughout Pennsylvania.

The Energy Institute, in cooperation with Energetics Inc., will be responsible for developing and monitoring sustainable energy projects that will have economic and so-cietal benefit tothe West Penn service area ratepayers.

According to the Sustainable Energy Fund Technical Director Peter Luckie, professor of mineral engineering, the fund was established to promote the use of renewable and clean energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency, and the start-up, attraction, expansion and retention of sustainable energy businesses.

"The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund will be looking for proposals from businesses and technology centers that develop sustainable energy technologies and have an interest in deploying their technologies in Pennsylvania. We are specifically interested in those that can help retain and attract businesses in the 17-county West Penn Power service district in western, central and northern Pennsylvania," said Joel Morrison, program coordinator for the University.

For more information, call Morrison at (814) 865-4802 or e-mail