Penn State Intercom......February 15, 2001

University welcomes Fulbright
Scholars, sends three abroad

The Fulbright Scholar Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is alive and well at Penn State. This year, three faculty members are lecturing or conducting research abroad, and six visiting Fulbright Scholars are or are planning to study and conduct research with noted scholars on Penn State's faculty.

The following are faculty members who received Fulbright grants for teaching or research abroad in the 2000-2001 academic year:

* Chris J. Muscarella, professor of finance in The Smeal College of Business Administration, is lecturing on business administration at the Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon, Portugal. He also was the Fulbright-FLAD chair at that university this fall.

* Donald Arthur Streit, professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering, is lecturing and conducting research on "In-Vehicle Alternative Energy Systems for Developing Countries" at Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

* W. Bradley Thompson, assistant professor of communications, is lecturing and conducting research on "An Ethnographic Study of Bulgarina Journalists' Attitudes Toward Legal Problems Facing the Press" at the American University in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

The following are senior international scholars who received Fulbright grants for teaching, research and study at Penn State in 2000-2001.

* Yuriy Andrukhovych, independent author and journalist, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, is conducting research on "American Poetry of the 1950s and 1960s: The New York School, the Beat Generation, the Black Mountain School -- Translation and Interpretation." He is working with Michael Naydan in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literature through May.

* Jurgis Barkauskas, associate professor in the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry at Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania. He is conducting research on "Synthesis and Investigation of Functional Groups on the Surface of Activated Carbons" with Fred S. Cannon in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He will be on campus through August.

* Dorena Caroli, the Jean Monnet Fellow, Department of History, at the European University Institute, San Domenico, Italy, is lecturing on "The Subcultures of the Young Who Are at Risk: History and Actuality of the Prevention of Young Deviants in Europe in the 20th Century." She is working with Khalipha Bility, senior program officer in the Office of International Programs, International Partnerships and Academic Linkages. She will arrive later this semester and will be on campus through May. Her visit also is sponsored by the European Union Scholar-in-Residence Program.

* Farouk Fares, professor in the Department of Soil Science and Land Reclamation at the Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria. He is conducting research on "The Environmental Impacts of Reuse of Treated Urban Wastewater for Irrigation on Soil Quality," and is working with Jean-Marc Bollag in the Department of Biochemistry. He will be here through June.

* Ibtissam Hamad, professor in the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology in the Faculty of Science, University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria. He is conducting research on "Bioremediation and Phytoremediation of Polluted Soils and Waters," and is working with Jean-Marc Bollag in the Department of Biochemistry through June.

* Eiji Wada, administrative official in the Student Affairs Department of Shimane National University, Shimano, Japan, is a Fulbright LEAP scholar. Wada is observing the University Office of International Programs to broaden his knowledge and skills about international and cultural education exchange. He will be on campus through May.

This year, approximately 800 U.S. faculty and professionals received Fulbright grants to lecture or conduct research abroad in approximately 140 countries. A similar number of visiting scholars received awards to come to the United States. The program is administered by the Council for International Exchange of Scholars. Penn State's contact for Fulbright Scholars is John M. Keller, (814) 863-1603. For information, check the Web at and