Penn State Intercom......November 1, 2001

Consortium sponsors
award honoring faculty

The Teaching and Learning Consortium is sponsoring an award to recognize faculty who have had a significant impact on student learning over a sustained period.

Criteria for the award are:

* a long-term and sustained positive impact on student learning;

* being well-rounded in accomplishments as a University faculty member including outstanding records in teaching, research and scholarship;

* reflecting implementation of new and innovative teaching methods such as active learning, special use of technology, problem-based learning, use of case studies, service learning, learning assessment and others;

* reflecting special contributions to the learning community such as leading workshops and giving presentations to faculty on teaching methods;

* publishing papers on pedagogy or textbooks in his/her discipline, and special development and use of technology for supporting teaching; and

* faculty receiving this award would likely have received significant University and professional society awards recognizing teaching in the past.

The TLC Planning Team will review candidates for this award and make the selections. Awards will be made throughout the year and the recipients will be recognized by feature articles in the Intercom and other publications. Recognition also will be made at the annual meeting of Colloquy.

Submit suggestions for candidates to Gwynne Kinley by e-mailing along with a brief description of their background. Submissions may be made at any time.