Photo Gallery
Penn State Intercom......November 1, 2001

Wind power will provide 5 percent of the energy needs on the University Park campus over the next five years, thanks to an agreement with Community Energy Inc.
Photo: Paul Ruskin


George Bugyi served as executive secretary of the Faculty Senate since 1988. He recently retired from the University with emeritus rank.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Richard J. Cyr is a professor of biology and assistant department head for Undergraduate Affairs.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Matthew Serbin Pittinsky, chairman of Blackboard Inc., discussed the future of
e-education at the Faculty Staff Club Forum held Oct. 19. The next speaker will be Valerie Ferguson, regional vice president and managing director of Loews Philadelphia Hotel, on Nov. 14 at The Nittany Lion Inn on the University Park campus.

Photo: Greg Grieco


Janice Schneider, right, a horticultural graduate student, donated blood at one of the Red Cross mobile units on campus. Chris Pollock, left, from the Johnstown Red Cross unit, was one of the people on hand to draw the blood.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Kenny Rogers is set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m Dec. 3 at The Bryce Jordan Center on the University Park campus.

This exhibit of South Asian sculpture is on loan from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the Palmer Museum of Art on the University Park campus for three years. The 17th-century Buddhist Deity is gilded copper alloy with turquoise, coral and pearls. The Nandi (bull) in the background is made from granitic stone.
Photo illustration: Greg Grieco

James Hilton, associate professor of agricultural engineering and education, helps students with establishing contour readings at the beginning of the Ag Systems Management 101 class. The course covers how engineering applies to land contours for safe farming, the elements of building foundation construction and power machine applications.
Photo: Greg Grieco


The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Information Sciences and Technology Building on the University Park campus drew a standing-room-only crowd. The building, expected to be completed in late 2003, will form a physical link across Atherton Street between the East and West campuses.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Cheryl Birchard, a junior in human development and family studies, took her studies outdoors recently and did her math homework outside of Willard Building on the University park campus. She's done with her midterms and is looking ahead to her final exams.
Photo: Annemarie Mountz

Mohsen Kavehrad, professor of electrical engineering, and his colleagues have developed a new link design that uses a multibeam transmitter with a narrow field of view receiver.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Articulating concrete block mats are being placed over the surface of the existing dam embankment by Leonard S. Fiore Inc. of Altoona. The 8-by-40 foot mats, shown up close in the inset, are made of open-celled concrete blocks that are cabled together to form a contiguous carpet. This system will help preserve the integrity of the dam in the event of spilling over during a significant flood. They will be covered with topsoil from the lake floor and seeded, helping to protect the blocks from deterioration while creating a natural, aesthetic appearance.
Photo: Tysen Kendig

The renovated spillway is shown with the base of the dam at right. The water in the spillway will continue to be pumped from the floor of Lake Perez back into Shaver's Creek until repairs on the dam are completed.
Photo: Tysen Kendig