Penn State Intercom......October 18, 2001

Penn College reports
increase in enrollment

The number of students attending Pennsylvania College of Technology has risen by more than 4 percent this fall, resulting in the highest enrollment ever recorded at the institution.

Based on third-week enrollment figures, there are 5,538 students attending the fall semester, an increase of 215 (4.1 percent) over last fall. The number of full-time equivalent students enrolled this fall is 4,967, up 215 (4.6 percent) from last year.

The number of Penn College students hailing from outside the state continues to rise, increasing from 281 to 323 (14.9 percent) this year. Students from 31 states are attending Penn College this fall, and out-of-state students now account for 5.8 percent of the student population. The states with the highest enrollments are Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

International students account for .6 percent of the fall 2001 enrollment. The 37 international students attending the college this fall come from 21 different countries.

Pennsylvania students still account for more than 93 percent of the student population. Pennsylvania regions and their student percentages are: northcentral, 46.8 percent; northeast, 13.4 percent; south, 14.4 percent; central, 14.3 percent; and west, 4.3 percent.

Tracking information shows that many of the new students are learning about Penn College through Internet resources and electronic recruiting and marketing initiatives. To facilitate that type of student contact, the college recently introduced an interactive compact disc that replaces a marketing videotape. Some 100,000 CDs have been produced, and they will be sent to high school students taking standardized tests for college admission, among

The number of female students (1,907) increased this fall, reversing a recent trend. Female students now represent 34 percent of the student body.

The percentage of students enrolled in bachelor-degree programs (34.4 percent) this fall is the highest ever recorded at Penn College. Other programs and their percentages are: associate's degrees, 58.8 percent; certificates, 3.6 percent; and non-degree, 3.2 percent.

The number of students residing in on-campus, college-operated housing also is at an all-time high this year: 1,076. That number increased because of an additional 14 beds available at the renovated Penn's Loft facility.