Penn State Intercom......October 25, 2001

Intersection to close
forever at University Park

Major changes to the Pollock Road entrance to University Park and traffic flow on North Atherton Street will occur on Wednesday, Oct. 31. Fencing will go up around the construction site of the new Information Sciences and Technology Building and all access to Pollock Road from North Atherton Street will cease. Two new replacement intersections and traffic lights will be activated the same day north of the old intersection. The old light at Pollock Road will be deactivated. The new traffic lights will be in "flashing" mode for three days before Oct. 31 to allow the public to acclimate to the new situation.

A new entrance to West Campus will be located 100 yards north of Pollock Road and will be called White Course Drive. The second new intersection will be just north of Rec Hall and will connect Curtin Road to North Atherton Street. It curves directly in front of The Nittany Lion Shrine, providing a new scenic entrance to campus.

Pedestrian crossings will shift to the north by White Course Drive, and south of Pollock Road between Walker Building and the bus station. Signs will direct people to the new crossings. Additional low safety fencing for pedestrian control will be installed for several hundred yards along North Atherton Street and those fences will be shielded with special plantings this spring. The public is asked to be patient with these extensive changes during the two-year construction of the new IST Building, which is scheduled for completion in late 2003.