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Penn State Intercom......April 18, 2002

The Williamsport Technical Institute was founded in 1941 and became one of the nation's largest providers of training and retraining for people with physical handicaps. The institute became the Williamsport Area Community College in 1965, and in 1989 began its affiliation with Penn State as The Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The Williamsport Technical Institute officially become the Williamsport Area Community College in 1965. The school offered credit and noncredit courses to an expanding service area, but in the 1980s faced the erosion of financial support from what had been its sponsoring school districts.

Penn College of Technology continues to fill a vital role in the education of a technical work force for Pennsylvania.

Penn State McKeesport junior Shannon Mooney struck the first ceremonial blow with a sledgehammer to commence the demolition of the Buck Union Building (BUB) at the campus recently. A new, 25,000 square-foot student union, to be completed in spring 2003, will replace the BUB in the heart of the campus.

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Tim Imler, who works for Fiore's of Altoona, puts some finishing touches on the area sur-rounding the recently relocated gates on the University Park campus. The gates were moved as part of the construction plan for the new Information Sciences Technology building project.

Photo: Greg Grieco

"The Tour of Masks," created by Elizabeth Nolan, an undergraduate in anthropology, is one of several exhibits on display at the Matson Museum of Anthropology on the second floor of the Carpenter Building on University Park campus. To arrange group tours call Claire Milner at (814) 865-2033.

"Sonata in Blue" is part of an exhibit of digital work by John Paul Caponigro at the Palmer Museum of Art on the University Park campus. The exhibit runs through June 2.

Lauren Lettieri, freshman marketing and international business, left, studies with Leah Critchley, freshman in graphic design, at the HUB-Robeson Center on the University Park campus. Beginning in 2003, students will have a class-free study day on the Friday at the end of the sixth week of fall semester. For full details on the calendar changes, please see page 2 of this special section.

Photo: Julie Brink

Dexter Cooke, a junior in aerospace engineering, studies in Paterno Reading Room at Pattee and Paterno Library on the University Park campus.

Photo: Julie Brink

Donald Davis, professor of plant pathology, took his Plant Pathology 318 class outdoors on the University Park campus recently. The new academic calendar is designed to support innovative teaching methods.

Photo: Julie Brink

Students fill the mall outside Pattee Library on the University Park campus during class-change times. Students will adhere to a new academic calendar beginning in fall 2003.

Photo: Julie Brink

"I've been with Penn State for a long time, both as a student as well as an employee. I'm very proud of my association with the University. We enroll bright, capable students who graduate as highly successful alumni; and we hire energetic, dedicated employees who make working here fun and meaningful. In the future, I would like to see Penn State's reputation for excellence continue to grow. I hope my contributions add to this quest."

  -- Roseann Sieminski,
assistant controller/bursar

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Student Kristy Krajnenko works on a mural in the Lares Union Building at Penn State Abington. Along with partner John Thompson, the two painted a mural portraying the history of the campus.

Mary Frecker, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, helped design software that enabled surgeons to develop new multi-task surgical tools. Below is a closeup of the prototype.

Photos: Greg Grieco


Drew Beben, University tree surgeon, left, works with Mike Hunter and Rick Dilauri from Narber's Landscaping and Nursery, Boalsburg, to plant a memorial tree on the HUB-Robeson Center lawn on the University Park campus. The tree will be dedicated Friday, April 19.

Photos: Greg Grieco

Drew Beben, University tree surgeon, removed pieces of the tie-down rope from the tree after it was planted.