Penn State Intercom......April 18, 2002

Tuition task force, calendar
report head agenda

The University Faculty Senate will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 23, in 112 Kern Graduate Building, University Park.

Items to be discussed include:

* Tuition task force report, will focus on comparisons with peer institutions, funding needs of the University, five-year budget projections and tuition requirements, possible tuition models and recommendations regarding the University's tuition strategy for the next several years;

* Final calendar report, discussion, along with a question and answer session, on the final outcome of deliberations related to changes in the University calendar;

* Time to graduation report, investigates the graduation patterns of undergraduate students, using a time-to-degree study prepared by the Office of the University Registrar for spring 1999, 2000 and 2001 semesters;

* Construction projects, 2001-02 -- informational report, focuses on projects at campus college locations;

* Multiple majors and degrees, revision of Senate policy -- legislative, proposes wording changes to the Senate policies of dual-degree, simultaneous-degree and sequential-degree programs, to eliminate distinctions between multiple majors and multiple degrees; and

* Senate self-study committee, will give an interim report on its findings and invite feedback on topics under consideration.

Members of the University community may attend. Any member of the University community who is not a member of the Senate may request the privilege of the floor on any item of business already before the Senate. Such a request must be made to the chair, through the executive secretary of the Senate, at least four calendar days before the meeting at which the individual wishes to speak.

For information on how to submit major, minor, option or course proposals, the "Guide to Curricular Procedures" is available on the Web from the Faculty Senate home page at