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Penn State Intercom......February 7, 2002


Fred Gadomski, instructor of meteorology, is on the air for the show "Weather World," one of several shows produced in the WPSX-TV studio on the University Park campus. The station is gearing up to go all-digital by May 2003
Photo: Greg Grieco


This is a representation of what enhanced digital TV can offer. TV viewers will receive, simultaneously and in the background, additional information that will enhance the richness and depth of the program. For example, viewers can watch a play and also see an interview with the director, a diagram of the set or a text version of the script.
Photo: Courtesy of WPSX


At The Nittany Lion Inn on April 20, 1952, Paul S. Walker, then chairman of the FCC, announced that television channels had been set aside for educational uses. Plans then were made at Penn State that led to national educational television broadcasting and later the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), including Penn State's WPSX-TV.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Early students in the Pennsylvania State Forest Academy were required to bring a horse with them to the campus to help fight forest fires. Wiestling Hall is featured in the background of the photo.

Conklin Hall was built by students in the Pennsylvania State Forest Academy as a residence hall. Today, it houses admissions and student affairs offices, as well as a student game room and the campus archives.

Crews from the Office of Physical Plant removed a large elm near the Hintz Alumni Center on the University Park campus after they discovered structural defects that posed a safety hazard. The replacement will likely be a new, genetically modified, disease-resistant elm. OPP reports that the University is no longer losing more trees than it plants due to special funding from the Office of the President.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Traditional dance was demonstrated by the Taiwanese Student Association at last year's International Festival.

"'A Few Good Women...' Advancing the Cause of Women in Government, 1969-74" is part of the oral history collection recently archived in the University Libraries' Special Collections Library, 104 Paterno Library on the University Park campus. Pictured from left to right (first row): Ethel Bent Walsh, Brig. Gen. Jeanne M. Holm, Rose Mary Woods, Virginia Knauer, Helen Delich Bentley, Jayne Baker Spain, Evelyn Eppley and Barbara H. Franklin; (second row): Sallyanne Payton, Elizabeth Hanford, Georgiana Sheldon, Virginia Allan, Carol Khosrovi, Paula Tennant, Brereton Sturtevant and Gloria Toote.

Pamela Farley Short, professor and director of the Center for Health Policy Research, led a study on addressing the health insurance dilemma for people ages 62 to 64.
Photo: Greg Grieco

Fill 'er up

The rehabilitation project is complete on the dam and spillway at Stone Valley's Lake Perez, and the lake is beginning to refill. Although timing depends upon the weather, officials are planning to resume boating and fishing activity by late spring.
Photos: Greg Grieco

Water slowly reclaims dry ground as Lake Perez begins to fill.