Penn State Intercom......February 7, 2002

Stone Valley's Lake Perez
begins slow refill process

Stone Valley's Lake Perez, barren and dry since its drainage more than a year ago as part of an extensive dam rehabilitation project, is now undergoing the slow percolation process that should fully restore the 72-acre lake by late spring.
In late December, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reviewed LakePerez4the completed spillway and dam renovations. All aspects of the project were found to be acceptable, pending proper maintenance through the winter of erosion control devices and seeding of the embankment this spring.
With state approval, the dam's gate valve was partially closed, allowing water to begin recollecting in the dry lake. Some water is being continually discharged to Shaver's Creek below the dam to maintain its natural flow.
There is no way to precisely determine when the lake will be fully refilled since Lake Perez is fed by Shaver's Creek winter flow and normal rain or snow events. However, Stone Valley is planning to resume all boating and fishing activities by late spring. As soon as the lake is nearly full, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will stock it with trout for fishing season. LakePerez5
Until the lake is completely restored, visitors must observe caution walking on the exposed lake bottom or around the breast of the dam and spillway. Winter freeze, thaw and ice conditions may make surfaces very slippery.
The recently completed
$2.8 million rehabilitation project has made the Lake Perez dam the largest weir in the United States to use a reinforcement system of articulating concrete blocks.
This innovative system provides an embankment armored against erosion while creating a natural, aesthetic appearance that also protects the blocks from the elements.
For more information on lake conditions and recreation activities at Stone Valley, call Charlene Detwiler at (814) 863-0762.