Penn State Intercom......January 31 , 2002

Distance Education Center
moves, expands
of journal to 4 issues annually

The University's American Center for the Study of Distance Education is moving and expanding this year.

The center's two major functions will be transferred and expanded in new locations. The research, teaching and conferences arm will remain housed in the College of Education, but it will be administered under the Center for the Study of Higher Education, directed by J. Fredericks Volkwein.

Publication of the American Journal for the Study of Distance Education now will be done by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. It will be produced four times per year and include an online version. Michael
Grahame Moore, who founded the center, continues as the journal's editor.

Moore, associate professor of adult education, opened the center in 1986 with support from then-dean of the College of Education Henry Hermanowicz and the University's central administration. It was the first of its kind in the United States. Soon thereafter he published the first distance education journal in the United States and held the first distance education conference in the nation.

Initially the center acted as a hub to establish and grow a national network of academics and practitioners in the field and to facilitate communication between those who study distance education in the United States with their overseas contemporaries. Over the years, the center has expanded its efforts, providing consultation to national and local bodies, developing distance education courses and incorporating distance education into existing systems. It has become recognized as a clearinghouse for information and research on developments in distance education.

While Moore will continue on the University's faculty, he will retire from his position as director of the center, in part to write about his life's work in the field.