Penn State Intercom......March 21, 2002

Faculty Senate to
discuss several reports

The University Faculty Senate will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, in 112 Kern Graduate Building, University Park. Items to be discussed include:

* Schreyer Honors College, revision of Senate policy -- legislative report: eligibility for admission and retention; participation, advisement and research experience; honors credit requirements; and advisory committees;

* Class attendance, revision of Senate policy; legislation acknowledges that students miss classes for legitimate but unavoidable reasons;

* Incorporation of UniSCOPE (University Scholarship and Criteria for Outreach and Performance Evaluation) model into the promotion and tenure dossier -- advisory and consultative report: presents each of the three mission areas of the University -- teaching, research and service, as a continuum of scholarship. The report proposes the revision of the promotion and tenure dossier (the rainbow dividers) to reflect the expanded definitions of scholarship;

* Institutional licensed software distribution program -- informational report: computer software utilization and the opportunities for cost savings and upgrade protection;

* Faculty salaries report, external comparison: emphasizes comparisons of Penn State faculty salaries with those at other universities;

* Report of academic eligibility and athletic scholarships for 2000-01 -- informational report: NCAA graduation rankings, academic all-conference standings and numbers of athletes screened for eligibility;

* Report on University research: expenditures for research and development, and a review of new initiatives to strengthen activity in the life sciences and other interdisciplinary areas;

* Student use of Web vs. printed materials: a presentation of recent Pulse surveys of students' use of the Internet and Web-based services;

* Grade distribution report: annually examines presenting grades for baccalaureate and associate degree students by college, location and semester grade point average, will also include discussion of a modest upward trend in grades; and

* Nominating committee reports: standing joint committee on tenure, University promotion and tenure review committee, faculty rights and responsibilities; Senate officers: chair-elect, secretary, and faculty advisory committee to the president; nominations also may be made from the floor of the Senate.

Members of the University community may attend. Any member of the University community who is not a member of the Senate may request the privilege of the floor on any item of business already before the Senate. Such a request must be made to the chair, through the executive secretary of the Senate, at least four calendar days before the meeting at which the individual wishes to speak.

For information on how to submit major, minor, option or course proposals, the "Guide to Curricular Procedures" is available on the Web from the Faculty Senate home page at