Penn State Intercom......September 19, 2002

Nominations solicited for 2003
Faculty, Staff Achievement Awards

Nominations for the 2003 Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards are being sought from University and local community organizations and individuals.

Nominations may be submitted online or on a standardized form downloaded from the Office of Human Resources' Web site. If using the online process, nominators and individuals providing support documentation have the choice of completing online forms or uploading their own documents. Visit the Office of Human Resources' Web site at and follow the links in the Documents and Forms section to provide access to both the online process and the hard copy nomination form. The nomination form also is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources at (814) 863-6188. Nominations and supporting documents should be submitted by Friday, Dec. 2, either online, by mail to Billie S. Willits, Box 6, Rider Building, or faxed to (814) 863-3461. Supporting documentation that accompanies the nominations should be as brief as possible.

The Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards include:

* The Barash Award for Human Service was created in 1975 by the family of the late Sy Barash. The award, which carries a stipend of $1,000, is awarded to a full-time member of the faculty, staff or student body at University Park who has contributed most, apart from regular duties, to human causes, public service activities and organizations. These human service activities mush have been performed in University Park, the Borough of State College or College, Patton, Harris or Ferguson townships.

* The McKay Donkin Award was established in 1969 in honor of the late McKay Donkin who served as vice president for finance and treasurer of the University from 1957 to 1968. The award, which consists of a $500 stipend, is presented to a full-time faculty, staff or retiree who has contributed most to the "economic, physical, mental or social welfare of the faculty" of the University.

* The Administrative Excellence Award carries a stipend of $1,000. The award is made to a member of the staff of the University whose performance methods and achievements exemplify administrative excellence. Important criteria considered in the evaluation of nominees include total experience in an administrative position, accumulative levels of responsibility and authority, years of service at the University and in present position, and impact on own organization and on the University in general.

* The Staff Excellence Award, established in 1993, carries a stipend of $500. The award is made annually to a member of the staff who has demonstrated and practiced the philosophy of continuous quality improvement, team spirit, managerial excellence and provided leadership in establishing a quality service orientation of the performance of assigned duties. To be eligible for the award, full-time staff must have a least five years of University service.

* The Support Staff Award established in 1997, carries a stipend of $1,000. This award recognizes the overall high quality performance of a non-exempt member of the support staff in fulfilling the mission of the University and of his/her college or administrative unit. The award will be given in recognition of dedicated focus to customer service, commitment to quality improvement, outstanding skills and abilities, team work and professionalism. To be eligible for this award, a non-exempt staff member must have at least five years of active University service.

* The James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award, sponsored by the Alumni Association, and given in honor of James Robinson, an alumnus and former Alumni Council member, is designed to recognize a University faculty or staff member who promotes the concept of equal opportunity through affirmative action and/or contributes to enhancing the educational environment of the University through improving cross-cultural understanding. The award, consisting of a $1,500 stipend, is given in recognition of meeting one or more of the following criteria; demonstrated commitment to the spirit of equal opportunity through affirmative action; demonstrated leadership in the elimination of discrimination through encouragement of understanding between persons of different races, sexes, age groups, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious heritage; and a demonstrated commitment to meeting the special needs of students, faculty or staff who are members of traditionally underrepresented groups. To be eligible for this award, full-time faculty and staff must have at least two years of active University service.

Billie S. Willits, assistant vice president for Human Resources, is chairing a general committee to solicit nominations. Ronald R. Rohde, human resources officer, Office of Human Resources, and Carol Griffin, administrative assistant, Office of Human Resources, are providing staff support. Six subcommittees will screen nominations and develop recommendations for the respective awards.