Penn State Intercom......March 20, 2003

Faculty Senate sets meeting agenda

The University Faculty Senate will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, in 112 Kern Graduate Building.

Items to be considered at the meeting include:

* Grade Distribution Report: Informational report by the Undergraduate Education Committee.

* Report on Faculty Salaries, Academic Year 2002-03: Informational report.

* Promotion and Tenure Summary 2001-2002: Informational report on faculty tenured in 2001-2002.

* Classroom Disruption -- Rights and Responsibilities: This report explains the University's policies on classroom disruption. The Senate will discuss a proposal to distribute this information in the most effective way.

* Report on eLion Faculty Grade Submission: Informational report.

* Formatting and Delivering Senate Reports: The Senate will consider several proposals to reduce the amount of time spent on informational and mandated reports while guaranteeing that they continue to convey important information that pertains to the educational interests of the University.

* Annual Report of Academic Eligibility and Athletic Scholarships for 2002-03: Informational report.

* Update on the Grand Destiny Campaign: Informational report by Rodney Kirsch.

* Senate Officers 2003-2004 -- Chair-Elect and Secretary of the Senate, Faculty Advisory Committee to the President: This report lists candidates for these offices; nominations also may be made from the floor of the Senate at this meeting.

* Nominating Report 2003-2004 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, Standing Joint Committee on Tenure, University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee: This report provides a list of nominees for these committees; nominations also may be made from the floor.

* Roster of Senators by Voting Units for 2003-04: This report provides a list of senators elected by each voting unit.

* Summary of Petitions for Waiver of the 12-Credit Limit for Non-degree Conditional Students: The report will review the exceptions to that limitation granted during AY 2000-2001 and AY 2001-2002.

* Summary of Student Petitions by College, Unit or Location: Informational report.

Members of the University community may attend this meeting. Any member of the University community may request the privilege of the floor on any item of business already before the Senate. Such a request must be made to the chair, through the executive secretary of the Senate, at least four calendar days before the meeting at which the individual wishes to speak.

The Senate agenda will be posted on the Senate's Web site one week before each meeting. The March 25 agenda is available at Meeting minutes also are available on the Web at approximately three weeks after the meeting.