Photo Gallery
Penn State Intercom......March 20, 2003


Construction continues on The Village at Penn State. The community room, shown here, and the first apartments are scheduled to open this summer.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Tim Wyan, left, and Junior Breon operate the addressing machine in Mail Services on the University Park campus. Campus mass mailing tip: When sending a mailing to all employees or a large distribution list, it often is more efficient not to use personalized address labels. Mail Services will deliver the correct number of copies to each building or campus location. Sorting and distribution is simplified and mailings get to each employee faster. Additionally, the time and expense of producing and applying address labels is eliminated. Distribution of the Intercom is a good example of this method.
Photo: Greg Grieco


"Kindertransport" is the story of 7-year-old Eva Schlesinger, saved from the dangers of Nazi Germany along with many other Jewish children in a daring train rescue. It will be presented March 25 through April 5 at the Pavilion Theatre on the University Park campus. Call (814) 863-0255 for tickets. From left are performers Rebecca Miller, Sirry Thorsteinsdottir and Laura Ames.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Chris Marone, center, associate professor of geosciences, works with undergraduate geoscience students, Chris Henty, left and, Matt Knuth, right. They are putting together a block so that pressure can be applied to pasta as part of their study of friction forces.
Photos: Greg Grieco

Pasta was studied to see how friction forces are applied in earthquakes.


Lisa Greer, assistant professor of geosciences, uses coral samples to study Atlantic temperature and salinity. This sample is 3 million years old.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Amanda Young, an intern with Undergraduate Admissions and long-time Lion Scout volunteer, points out some of the more jovial messages that are arriving from prospective students from across Pennsylvania and other states.
Photo: Greg Grieco

A real-time transcript of the chat session is projected onto a large screen in the central room where student volunteers and admissions counselors answer the incoming questions from prospective students. Here is some early chatting from the March 4 session.