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November 14, 2002

The roof is on, and the interior rooms are beginning to take shape in the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center on the University Park campus. The project, which is expected to be completed at the end of March, will add roughly 29,400 square feet of worship and program space to the existing Eisenhower Chapel, which currently is roughly 24,000 square feet. The resulting building will be one of the largest religious centers on a public university campus in the nation.

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Photos were taken by Greg Grieco.

Greg Scott, project manager for the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center construction project, recently gave a tour of the construction site to some of the people who will use the building when it is complete.

A large light tower signifies the importance of light in all of the religions represented on the University Park campus.

A worker cuts cinderblock under the platform that will become the organ loft.

The three worship space pods are visible to the left, as seen from the front of the main worship space.

Looking out from the largest of the three pods across the worship space, the windows on the far side of the building are visible.

One of two footbaths is visible in this picture. The two footbaths are at the entrance to a room whose front faces east. The room is designed to facilitate its use for Muslim prayer.

The exterior of the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center is nearing completion. Crews are working to complete the exterior before winter sets in. The project is on schedule for completion in late March.

The front of the main worship space is visible in this photo, with a large storage area behind it.

Workers are busy throughout the new building.

This worker is busy in a reception room that will be suitable for groups of 50 or so people.

More work inside the new Pasquerilla Spiritual Center.

Walls keep going up inside the center, which is due to be completed in late March.

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