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The Arrow LionHeartTM developed by Penn State with Arrow International, Inc. of Reading, Pa., is the first wireless heart assist device to reach clinical trial in the U.S.

The result of a seven-year Penn State/Arrow collaboration, the device is a "heart helper" or left ventricle assist system for patients suffering from severe heart failure who are not eligible for a natural heart transplant.

The patient's natural failing heart is left in place and the LionHeartTM is connected to it to boost circulation. Once the system is implanted in a patient, no wires, tubes or other connections protrude through the skin. The system is fully automatic and responds to a patient's changing needs during exercise and resting, for example.

Since October 1999, 10 European patients have received the LionHeartTM in clinical trials there. A 68-year old German has been living with the LionHeartTM implant for over a year. He has been living at home in excellent condition.

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