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July 24, 2003
LionheartTM patient Marks One Month at Home

HERSHEY, PA- Gayle Snider, the first U.S. Arrow LionHeartTM recipient released from the hospital, suffered a small setback over the weekend, but recovered quickly. The York-area man marked one month at home this week, is putting on weight, and getting increasingly more active.

Snider was admitted over the weekend with some abdominal pain caused by a small shifting of the device. He responded to a dose of pain medication and was released.

"The pump shifted a little, but I'll deal with it and when the pain goes away I can start functioning a little better," Snider said. "I'm feeling fine other than that, I have more energy and have been putting on some weight."

Snider says he's been doing dishes, vacuuming, going out for lunch and other odds and ends.

"Even with the bout of abdominal pain, Gayle is doing very well," said John P. Boehmer, M.D., cardiologist, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. "When I saw him last week his appetite had improved and he was gaining weight appropriately. His device was functioning normally. His attitude was positive. He was still having a little trouble sleeping at night, but all his blood work was in order and, overall, we were very pleased."

Snider continues his regular appointments at the Medical Center with Boehmer and surgeon Walter E. Pae, Jr., M.D.

The LionHeart, a totally implantable heart-assist device capable of taking over the entire workload of the left ventricle, was conceived of and developed at Penn State College of Medicine in conjunction with Arrow International, Reading, Pa. For more information about the LionHeart, visit