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  • 6/24/03
    Lionheart Recipient at Penn State
    Hershey Medical Center First U.S.
    Patient to Head Home with Device

  • 10/22/02
    Prototype Developed for
    Ultrasonic Patch to Deliver Insulin

  • 10/4/02
    "Virtual Stomach" Reveals Pill's Path

  • 2/19/02
    New Software Helps Design
    Multi-Task, Jaw-Like, Surgical Mini-Tools

  • 9/18/02
    New Composite Organic Materials To Put the Muscle in Artificial Body Parts

  • 8/26/01
    Clay Reduces Permeability of Biomedical Polymer

  • 7/26/01
    First U.S. Lionheart TM Recipient Dies

  • 3/1/01
    Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
    Performs First U.S. Implant Of The Arrow Lionheart TM

  • 2/28/01
    Surgeons at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Perform Groundbreaking Surgery

  • 2/9/01
    FDA Approves U.S. Clinical Trials for Penn State/Arrow Heart Assist Device

  • 9/21/00
    Penn State Artificial Heart Researchers to Work With Abiomed, Inc.

  • 10/26/99
    New Heart Assist Device Designed as Permanent Implant for End-Stage Heart Failure

  • 7/15/99
    Mechanical Forces Found to Exert Larger Role in Blood Vessel Health and Disease

  • 3/25/99
    Durability Tests Underway for the Penn State Artificial Heart

  • 4/8/98
    Biomedical Engineering Institute Established at Hershey Medical Center

  • 2/17/98
    Penn State Researcher Gives History of Artificial Heart Research

  • 3/7/96
    Penn State Heart Implanted in Sunbury Man

  • 3/8/96
    Patient with Artificial Heart Is Alert and Talking

  • 9/25/96
    Hershey Wins New Artificial Heart Contract

  • 10/25/95
    Hershey Researchers Win Contract to Improve Heart Pump

  • 12/27/95
    Trio of Calves Thrive on Permanent, Wireless Artificial Hearts

  • 1/13/94
    Hershey Studies New X-Ray Technique on Heart Valves

  • 8/22/93
    Blood Vessels Feel Shear Stress of Blood Flow

  • 9/30/93
    Hershey Awarded New Contract to Develop Artificial Heart

  • 9/30/93
    Background Information on Artificial Heart

  • 11/9/93
    Polymer Solves Heart Problem

  • 6/14/92
    Hershey Researchers Unveil Wireless Artificial Heart

  • 1992
    Background Information on the Electric Total Artificial Heart

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