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  • Black and white image of man with goggles and glove reaching for cereal box. Goggles, glove and box are in color.

    Third Eye

    Penn State researchers are leading the effort to create machines that can interpret a complex visual scene as much as the human brain does. The result? A wearable device that could help visually impaired people do their grocery shopping.

  • Ecologist and associate professor of geography, Erica Smithwick does research in the forests of South Africa.

    Women in Science

    Erica Smithwick, ecologist and associate professor of geography, is among four women profiled who inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • Neha Gupta, winner of the children's peace prize and founder of Empower Orphans, talks with a committee member.

    The First Ripple

    Penn State Science student Neha Gupta won the 2014 International Children's Peace Prize for the work of her charity, Empower Orphans. Her work and dedication are proof positive that one person can make a lasting impact.

  • Chad Hanna, an assistant professor of physics at Penn State makes rippling waves seem to appear in a photograph of himself

    Making waves in spacetime

    Faculty member Chad Hanna is part of a team of scientists doing groundbreaking research in a new era of discovery in gravitational-wave astronomy.

  • Students hold cards showing final fundraising total for THON 2017

    THON 2017: The Big Reveal

    THON 2017 adds to Penn State students' lasting impact on pediatric cancer patients.