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  • Students looking at scupltures “Penn State Lives Here” in the lower left corner"

    Exploring China

    From the old to the new, China is full of engineering marvels. This College of Engineering course immerses students in the culture and history behind the country's famous sites.

  • Two College of Education students smile as they interact with a younger student via computer. "Penn State Lives Here" in the lower left corner.

    Teaching Technology

    These Penn State College of Education students are providing virtual tutoring sessions to English language learners as part of a partnership with a community-based effort in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

  • halloween feature.  "Penn State Lives" Here in the lower left corner

    Creepy Campus Lore

    Why are there so many legends about ghosts haunting hallowed university halls? Matt Swayne, author and lecturer in Penn State's College of Communications, has a few ideas.

  • Two Lion Ambassadors walk backwards during a tour on the University Park campus. "Penn State Lives Here" in the bottom left corner.

    With the Pride of Lions

    Well known for walking backwards across campus to provide future students with their first glimpse of Penn State, the Lion Ambassadors organization does so much more.

  • Eric Roman, a marketing communications specialist in the School of Visual Arts, measures prints made with a traditional view camera at his office in Borland Building on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.

    Penn State Behind the Scenes

    For a recent project in Intro to Photojournalism, students received one instruction: Find two full-time Penn State employees and photograph their work.