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  • Two Penn State researchers have a discussion while standing in front of a clear white board.

    A Day to Remember

    From misplacing car keys to forgetting important medications, living with memory loss can have serious consequences. An app undergoing development by Penn State College of Nursing's Nikki Hill might offer a solution.

  • Penn State President Barron stands in his office.

    One Very Full Year

    As Penn State President Eric Barron marks one year in office with this question-and-answer session, he reflects on his first year and talks about what's next for the University.

  • The Nittany Lion takes a photo of graduating seniors in their caps and gowns at the Lion Shrine.

    To New Beginnings

    VIDEO: Spirits are high in Happy Valley as more than 14,000 diplomas will be granted to hard-working Penn Staters across the Commonwealth. Congrats to every 2015 #PSUgrad!

  • Hester Blum sits at a table with various artifacts.

    Sailing Stories

    The study of literature, oft thought to be a solitary one, brought adventure to Associate Professor of English Hester Blum, whose interest in nautical storytelling took her sailing on a 19th-century whaleship.

  • Students with "eco rep" t-shirts put all hands in while standing in a circle.

    Sustainable State

    Sustainability is a big priority at Penn State, and students, faculty, and staff across the Commonwealth are showing their commitment to fostering a sustainable state.