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  • Penn State student tends crops at the student farm

    Rooted in Community

    The Penn State Student Farm connects campus and community while promoting sustainable food practices and hands-on learning.

  • "Changing practices from the farm to the bay." with Jim Harbach in front of blue texture

    Saving the Chesapeake

    As Pennsylvania renews efforts to clean the state's waterways and the Chesapeake Bay, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is crafting a strategy in which farmers can help.

  • "Because your answers could solve someone else's problems." with Jeff Catchmark in front of blue texture of molecules

    Building a Better Bandage

    Research allows Penn State faculty to develop a biofoam pad to replace traditional methods of wound treatment.

  • "Because the future of brain surgery isn't surgery at all." with Steve Schiff in front of a blue texture.

    Engineering New Treatments

    Penn State professor Steven Schiff is shaping the future of neurosurgery outside of the operating room.