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Students & Curriculum

Veterans at Penn State: A profile of undergraduate and graduate students and limitations of Penn State's data related to these students
March 2013

Examining Adviser Notes of Students Who Don't Succeed - This report examines characteristics of Division of Undergraduate Studies students who fail out of the University.
February 2012

Student Success - Quality Advocates Panel - Institutional Research Perspectives [PDF] Presentation to Quality Advocates session by Michael J. Dooris, Director of Planning and Institutional Research and Assessment
December 2009

Penn State Students in Transition [PDF] - Presentation to the Penn State Academic Leadership Council by Robert N. Pangborn, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education and Michael J. Dooris, Director of Planning Research and Assessment
November 2008

Characteristics of At-Risk Students [PDF]
Presented at Association for Institutional Research, 48th Annual Conference
May 2008

Retention, Attrition, and Graduation Patterns of Baccalaureate Students [PDF]
This report examines retention, attrition and graduation patterns for baccalaureate students at University Park and the Commonwealth Campuses.

Baccalaureate Student Flow by College of Enrollment [PDF]
October 2005

The Penn State Undergraduate Academic Experience: Myth versus Fact [PDF]
March 2004

Fall 2002 SRTE Scores
September 2003

An Analysis of the Penn State Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness
Report to the University Faculty Senate, September 9, 1997

Penn State's First-Year Seminars: "Footprint" Data for 2001-02 [PDF]
April 2003

Working with Your IR Officer
Invited essay contributed to the "online magazine" of the Policy Center on the First Year of College
May 2002

The Role of Institutional Research in Implementing First-Year Seminars [PDF]
Presented at the North East Association for Institutional Research, 28th Annual Conference
November 2001

Strategic Planning

Strategic Indicators

Two Decades of Strategic Planning [PDF]
In Planning for Higher Education
December 2002-February 2003

Tuition and Affordability

Understanding the Adult Learner Program Completion [PDF] Presented at the North East Association for Institutional Research 34th Annual Conference, November 2007

Looking Beyond Access: Academic Ability, Ability to Pay, and Degree Completion [PDF]
Presentation at the Annual Forum of the Association for Institutional Research
May 2007

Adult Learner Use of Financial Aid and Degree Completion [PDF]
June 2007

A Thumb on the Scale? Ability, Income, and Degree Completion in a Public University [PDF]
Presented at the North East Association for Institutional Research 33rd Annual Conference
November 2006

Completion Rates by Academic Ability and Ability to Pay [PDF]
June 2006

Report on Access and Affordability at Penn State [PDF]- Senate Committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid - October 24, 2006

First-Year Seminar Reports
Office of Undergratuate Education & International Programs

Educational Outcomes Alumni Survey
Office of Undergraduate Education & International Programs 1995

Report of the Special Committee on General Education
Final Report to the University Faculty Senate, Fall 1997

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