HUB Terracycle Shipment!

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terracycle shipment 10 11 12.jpg  Another Terracycle shipment from the HUB!  6 boxes collected since August!  The last shipment from August netted 4620 points which translates to $46.20 for THON.  We diverted 3045 pieces of trash from the landfills.

Thanks to all who participate in redirecting chip bags, candy wrappers, energy bar wrappers and yogurt cups!

Another Successful Terracycle Shipment!

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Another Successful Terracycle shipment from the HUB!  This shipment tacked up another 4670 points in Terracycle points.  There were 316 Candy wrappers, 1208 Chip bags, 1420 Energy bar wrappers and 101 yogurt cups mailed!  This was just the summer collection.   Keep up the collection efforts!  These points will benefit THON and the Educational Equity Scholarship Fund (yogurt cups).


Thanks to all who participate.

Terracycle shipment 8 12.JPG

Art with RECYCLED products in the HUB!

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The Reflection Series by Julie Tremblay

HUB Gallery

Dates of exhibition: September 7 - December 9, 2012

Reception: October 12, 5-7 pm

Free and open to the public


University Park. PA. - The HUB-Robeson Galleries will display Julie Tremblay's nine, life-size, figurative sculptures, made out of salvaged, stamped-out sheets of tin plated steel, used to make bottle caps, in the HUB Gallery. The sculptures are a reflection on humanity and our contemporary society. This body of work shown in the gallery was started in 2007 and completed in 2008. There will be a public reception on October 12 from 5 - 7 pm.


All along, Tremblay had been very interested in gesture, symbolism and the power of metaphors. The works, in their lightness, challenge conceptions of traditional sculpture. They contain many ambiguities; they are as much air as they are material, the space not exclusively contained to the exterior of the sculpture, but continued inside.  Although they are figurative, they also contain an abstraction. Formal and sculptural themes are also very important in her work, such as balance, density, lightness, the intangible, order and chaos, dynamism, etc, which become metaphors of social themes and mental states.




For more information about this and other exhibits, visit the HUB-Robeson Galleries website at


Contact: Jennifer Kunkel-Gill, Communications Assistant, HUB-Robeson Galleries

(814) 865-0775,

The Sustainable Sites Initiative has created a new set of standards for sustainable development in landscaping around buildings and in open sites. As I have read about this work I am very impressed with the broad-based thinking about topics such as hydrology, soils, human health and well-being, choices of vegetation and choice of materials to utilize.

Just as LEED certification is beginning to transform every aspect of new building construction, I look forward to significant changes to building landscaping and open space development that will prevent runoff, manage water resources prudently and take advantage of native plant species. The guiding principles from the Sustainable Sites project are particularly worth noting - they call for a renewed focus on doing no harm in site development, working with nature, and preservation, conservation and regeneration.

Here is how the project began:

"This effort began as separate projects of the Sustainable Design and Development Professional Practice Network of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. In 2005, the two groups joined forces to hold a Sustainable Sites Summit in Austin, Texas.

In 2006, the United States Botanical Garden (USBG) joined as a major partner in the Initiative. A Steering Committee representing 11 stakeholder groups was selected to guide the Initiative. More than 30 experts are now on Technical Subcommittees developing sustainable benchmarks for soils, hydrology, vegetation, human health and well-being and materials selection. These subcommittees are developing the technical foundation for the Guidelines and Performance Benchmarks. The first interim report - the "Preliminary Report" - was released in November 2007."

Here is the main site:

Guidelines for sustainable landscape architecture can be found at

Do we really need it?

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I just read an article titled "16 things we don't need" and thought I would share. 


It is below for your perusal!  Enjoy!

"Get the Picture?"

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"Get the Picture?" 

The HUB Green Team and some other staff at the HUB have been having discussions about whether people REALLY know there is recycling in the building.  As a staff, we ALL know where the containers are and what they look like!  We, as a staff,  discuss recycling regularly and most participate in this effort as well ascomposting in our offices.  BUT we are finding that visitors and students in the building might not KNOW that we have recycling available. 

We have beautiful handcrafted recycling bins throughout the building made by OPP but we aren't sure people realize what they are.  This is our first attempt to make them aware that these are recycling bins!  :)  What do you think? 

Our next move is to add backsplashes to each with labels so that it is clear what goes in each recepticle.  Then, working on putting them in strategic places.  Stay tuned for more pictures and more updates.


***  Do you know what movie the above quote came from?  "Get the Picture?"

email me at with your answer for a free gift!






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FTCAP Education

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Check out our idea of educating those attending FTCAP!  Interesting facts and some basic education for parents and students while they are waiting to register in the morning.   Our mission was to create a very simple message to alert visitors that recycling is available in the HUB.  A color-coded map with the location of the recycling bins on the first floor is on the table.  A map and poster was placed on the ground floor as well. 



Picture 001.jpg

Green Handwashing

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Our EMS students recently put together a video on how to wash your hands with an eye to sustainability. Take a look:


UHS Team Presents on Sustainability Efforts

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acha_presentation_lr.jpgPictured (l to r) are Shelley Haffner, RNC, Infection Control Nurse Manager; Jill Buchanan, CRNP; Bettyann Milliron, RN; and Doris Guanowsky, Senior Associate Director


University Health Services (UHS) staff shared their sustainability efforts at the annual American College Health Association (ACHA) conference held in Chicago May 28 - June 1. "Sustainability Challenges in Health Care" highlighted efforts to increase composting and recycling within the Student Health Center and provided examples of efforts within the clinical services department. The presentation also provided ideas for motivating staff, achieving increased energy efficiency, infection control considerations and resources available to help other student health centers increase their sustainability efforts.

The Student Health Center recycling rate in September 2011 was 55.4 percent of the total trash produced. Previous waste audits showed recycling rates of 39.4 percent (2010) and 27.6 percent (2009).  Energy audit results for 2011 totaled 760,894 Kilowatt hours (KWh) used at the health center. The number of KWh hours of energy used in previous years were 862,511 (2010) and 980,896 (2009).

Light Step, Right Step

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The Light Step, Right Step festival will happen in State College for the first time this September and is a celebration of sustainability efforts, community groups and businesses in the Centre Region.  The Borough is hoping to make this more than just an 'expo' type of event by including demonstrations by community and student groups, music and food, activites for children and even screen a relatively new documentary called Carbon Nation.  They have started inviting community groups to participate in the exhibit portion of the event and are now starting to collect ideas for groups that could do interactive portions and local performers that might be interested in playing for a portion of the day.  If you want to check out the information for the event, we've put together a website and facebook for the festival: And if you have any ideas for musicians or other groups that might be interested in participating, they would love to hear them.  

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