Residence Halls

There are two sustainability-related programs for students in the Residence Halls.

Eco-Reps Program
Is open to first-year students living within East Halls on the University Park Campus who are interested in promoting environmentally responsible behavior. Eco-Reps encourage responsible energy usage in the fall and emphasize recycling and composting during the spring semester.  Eco-Reps work together to plan and implement enjoyable activities in their residence halls that inspire lifestyle changes. For more information on becoming an Eco-Rep, visit the link below.

Student Living Options

Earth House ( Leete Hall & Runkle Hall, North Halls)
The activities and programs offered at Earth House reflect residents' interests in environmental and agricultural issues. Working closely with faculty from the College of Agricultural Sciences, residents take part in recycling efforts, visit organic farms, attend guest lectures, and participate in a variety of other educational experiences. For more information on Earth House, visit the link below.

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