Welcome to our new grad assistants

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This fall we're happy to welcome three grad students to our staff at the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence: 

--Hong-Ning Fang, a Ph.D. candidate in counselor education, will be working with Bart Pursel on analysis of educational data compiled by Penn State. She has an extensive background in statistical analysis and has co-taught in counselor education.

--Lauren Kooistra, a Ph.D. candidate in music education, will be working with our Instructional Consulting and Faculty Development staff to lead workshops about teaching and learning, and she'll consult with graduate students about their teaching needs. She has a strong background in music pedagogy and gets energized by learning about learning theory.  

--Andrew Porter, a Ph.D. candidate in biobehavioral health, also will be working with the ICFD staff on workshops and consulting. He has wide-ranging teaching and TAing experience and won a Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award in 2009. 

Welcome to all three!

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