Classroom Flipping: Technologies and Teaching Strategies to Facilitate Active Learning

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Tomorrow, 3/2/12, I'll be heading to Lehigh Valley with a couple colleagues from Education Technology Services, Chris Millet and Matt Meyer. We will be talking with a group of faculty primarily about "Flipping the Classroom", an interesting model to bring more active learning elements into a class. Below are a few resources we're distributing to participants that can be leveraged to learn more about the tools and technologies that can assist in flipping your classroom.

Leveraging Video to Support Teaching and Learning
  • Lecture Capture - Penn State's Lecture Capture home on the web. Contains resources, case studies, help documentation and contact information for assistance. If you're interested in participating in the lecture capture pilot, this is the place to start!
  • Media Commons - Media Commons is a university-wide initiative to enrich the teaching and learning experience through multimedia technology, classroom training and direct support for students, faculty and staff. If you have an idea for including video in your class, both faculty-created or student-created video, contact Media Commons to talk to a consultant about your idea.
  • VoiceThread - VoiceThread is a totally web-based application that allows you to place collections of media like images, videos, documents, and presentations at the center of an asynchronous conversation. This website contains all the documentation to help you get started, as well as contact information for support.
  • Training Services - Penn State's Training Services offers a wide variety of training opportunities around various technologies, including VoiceThread and iClickers. Find the topic, date and time that is right for you.
Getting Started with Active Learning
  • Clickers - Student Response Systems, such as clickers, represent a great way to quickly engage your students in a meaningful way. Check out Penn State's "Getting Started" guide for instructors.
  • Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence - The Schreyer Institute offers a wide variety of workshops on active learning strategies, as well as a library of online resources to help instructors identify and implement active learning strategies. Institute consultants are available year round to sit down with you and help think through implementing different active learning strategies within the framework of your course.
TLT Website
  • TLT Classroom Flipping - The Teaching and Learning with Technology website has added a page introducing the idea of flipping the classroom that will include more resources shortly.

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I just came across a succinct guide to this topic; see "The Flipped Classroom FAQ," . It strikes me as very useful as it gets to the heart of this approach and also provides some very useful resources.

Nice find, Bill. We developed a somewhat similar (albeit longer) guide last year, specifically thinking of instructors that want to conduct research around the use of lecture capture.

I know PSU is still piloting various lecture capture software packages. If you want to learn more, or sign up for the pilot, you can check out:

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