44-00 Examinations

44-10 General Examination Policy

Periodic examination of student accomplishments is essential for both teaching/learning and evaluation purposes. Examinations may include traditional written examinations, whether in-class or take-home; oral examinations; term papers; laboratory or project reports; or studio projects. The faculty teaching and coordinating a course are responsible for both the method and substance of examinations used in each course, including the final examination or other integrating evaluative instrument.

In the case of multiple-section courses, the faculty teaching the various sections will determine the examination policy for the course (e.g., common examinations), subject to any restrictions determined by the entire faculty of the section, department, or division offering the course.

Written notification of the examination procedures (including the instructor's final examination policy) to be used in each section of each course must be made available to the students in the section during the first ten calendar days of a semester or its equivalent.

Initial Legislation: 2/3/76
Revised: 4/28/87