47-00, 48-00, and 49-00 Grades

47-70 Online Student Progress Report (Formerly Mid-Semester Evaluation)

Revisions to Policy 47-70 were approved by the Senate on April 29, 2014. Implementation pending ACUE action. To view revisions, see the legislative report.

Between the start of the third week and the end of the sixth week of classes during both fall and spring semesters, each instructor shall evaluate the performance of each 1. non-transfer degree candidates who are enrolled in their first or second semester (summers not included) 2. provisional students and 3. nondegree regular students who have earned 27 or fewer credits. If any such student has a grade of less than C, the instructor will record that information. The student and his/her adviser will be notified that the performance is unsatisfactory.

G-7 Online Student Progress Report Procedure

Revised: 9/13/83
Revised: 4/28/87
Revised: 4/29/08
Revised Editorially: 9/1/09