60-00 Completing More Than One Undergraduate Major Program (Sequential or Concurrent Majors)

60-10: Concurrent Majors Program

  1. Approval for admission to each major must be obtained from the colleges and departments offering the majors. The approval document should include the list of courses that will satisfy the requirements for each of the majors.
  2. Whenever possible and with approval from the departments and colleges involved, courses may be used to meet the requirements of more than one major.
  3. Each major for which the candidate has been approved will be listed on the candidate’s degree audit and transcript at the time of admission to that major. A separate Degree Audit will be generated for each major. For the purpose of enrollment and record keeping, each major will be treated equally.
  4. Upon the completion of the Concurrent Majors Program, a candidate shall receive a diploma for each major.
  5. A Concurrent Majors Program may be listed and described in official University publications if entrance and graduation requirements have been identified and approved by the academic units involved.
  6. At the time of entry to major, not more than one of the candidate’s majors may be under administrative enrollment control.
  7. Exceptions to any part of the policy require the approval of all deans and departments involved.

Revised 9/17/02
Revised: 2/1/05
Revised: 10/25/05