82-00 and 83-00 Degree Requirements

82-44 Courses Requiring at Least C Grades

To be graduated, a candidate must earn at least a C grade in each course designated by the major as a C-required course. The set of C-required courses for each major is chosen by the faculty of the department offering the major. The lists of such courses are printed in the Baccalaureate Degree Programs Bulletin or the Associate Degree Programs Bulletin. There must be at least 15 credits of C-required courses designated for each baccalaureate degree major, although at Penn State Capital College at Harrisburg, there must be at least 9 credits during the junior and senior years. There must be at least 7 credits for each associate degree major. A check of progress in fulfilling this requirement will be made as part of the audit of unfulfilled requirements (Section 32-80).

Initial Legislation: 3/17/92
Revised: 4/26/94