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After completing this week's assigned reading, I learned how much the arena of politics is filled with social and economic developments. It is very important to be able to identify and define all problems related to the public especially those related to the effectiveness of a particular policy. The primary purpose of public analysis is to help all involved parties in the decision making process. Policy analysts faced multiple obstacles from the moment they begin creating policies that are necessary for public welfare up until the time when these policies are finally implemented. One constraint facing policy analysis is the fact that policy analysis is not a guarantee for improvement. The Canadian Salmon Fishery was an example of how difficult it is to determine which analysis will be the most valuable for the public.  While analyzing this policy, the experts concluded that there were three methods to approach the problem and reached the most lucrative solution not only for the fishing industry, but also for the public in general.  Another constraint for policy analysis is that, from a political perspective, the results could support a preconceived idea, meaning, that the outcome could be biased by the views of the analysts. Fraatz mentions that, "Like individual congressmen, legislative organizations have political needs, wants, and interests, and hence vary in their receptivity to the offerings of policy analysts" (p. 274). Therefore, it is possible for these organizations to be more receptive to those analysts that shared their interests.    

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