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Smart Fabrics

10/10/17Felecia Davis leverages Penn State’s network of expertise to weave art with science in reimagining the use of everyday fabrics.

Tapping an Ancient Wisdom

10/10/17Penn State food scientist, Jairam Vanamala, combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research to promote diet over medicinal treatments in the fight against cancer.

Our Invisible World

10/5/17Scientists at Penn State are at the forefront of microbiome research. Our growing understanding of these microscopic organisms is changing the way we treat diseases, grow crops, and create everyday products.

Enhancing Access and Care

10/4/17Penn State is addressing the issue of sexual assault by providing mentoring, training, and support to nurses in rural communities across Pennsylvania.

Putting Science to Work

10/3/17When artisan snowboard and ski maker Gilson ran into an issue with the materials used to make their signature boards and skis, Penn State materials scientists stepped in to help.

A Bridge to the World

9/20/17From a young age, Grace Mannix has wanted to go to college — but she’s also wanted to travel the world. Thanks to Penn State, she hasn’t had to choose.

Flying Down to Rio

9/6/17Penn State architecture students use virtual reality to collaborate on urban design and planning in Santa Marta, a hillside settlement on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Welcome Week 2017

8/21/17Welcome Week 2017 continues as thousands of Penn Staters return to campuses across Pennsylvania for the start of a new academic year.

Forecasting Beauty

8/3/17A partnership with The Weather Channel has the sun shining once again on sunrise and sunset forecasting technology developed by Penn State meteorology students.

Through Their Lenses

7/13/17Spring of 2017, from the very public moments at THON to quiet moments inside a home or between two friends, all captured by Penn State student photojournalists.