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Be the Bee

11/14/16What made these women strap on bee bonnets and venture into the world of another species? An undergraduate research project examines the sting of undervalued gender-related labor.

CAUSE and Effect

10/31/16Students were on the front lines researching climate change this summer as part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences' 2016 Center for Advanced Undergraduate Studies (CAUSE) course.

"Flipping" over chemistry

10/13/16Professor Philip Bevilacqua in the Eberly College of Science strives to engage his honors chemistry students through various means, including an approach he describes as a "partially flipped" classroom.

Hitting the High Notes

9/27/16VIDEO As drum major for the Blue Band, senior Jimmy Frisbie, voted Homecoming King for 2016 by his fellow students, balances the responsibilities of the band with a high-achieving academic program. And a large dose of fun.

All In at Penn State

9/27/16October 6 marks the kick-off to an ongoing University-wide initiative that brings the Penn State community together to show their commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment.

Field of Sustainable Dreams

9/19/16Students have worked for the first time this year on the single-acre Student Farm at Penn State, part of the interdisciplinary Sustainable Food Systems Program.

Building a better world, together.

8/29/16VIDEO: With strength, purpose, and passion, Penn Staters work together to make a mark on the world. Through these shared experiences, students and alumni form a lasting bond.

Welcome Week 2016

8/9/16Are you ready for #PSUArrival? It's happening now. Welcome to all Penn State students and families as we look forward to a new academic year!

Making waves in spacetime

7/15/16Faculty member Chad Hanna is part of a team of scientists doing groundbreaking research in a new era of discovery in gravitational-wave astronomy.