Compliance and Ethics Hotline Overview

Through the services of Compliance Concepts Inc. (CCI), the University community can report concerns related to financial, human resources, athletics, research and affirmative action issues. Included in the area of athletic issues are matters related to the Athletics Integrity Agreement and any of the areas listed in that agreement with respect to Athletic Department policies and procedure, NCAA constitution and bylaws, the Big Ten handbook, and matters related to the principles regarding institutional control, responsibility, ethical conduct and integrity. Such reports can be filed anonymously. Concerns can be reported 24 hours a day, seven days a week to CCI via telephone (1-800-560-1637) or online at

The use of CCI's services allows for the anonymity of the individual reporting the concerns to maintain an ethical workplace without fear of retaliation. At the same time it allows the pertinent details of the concern to be fully investigated by the University and corrective action to be taken if needed. Phone calls to the hotline are received by trained CCI personnel. Individuals making reports, whether via phone or online, are assigned a unique code that will allow them to follow up to determine the outcome of their concern or to provide additional information if they choose to do so. Notifications of reports received by CCI are sent to the University's Office of Internal Audit for review. Financial matters are investigated by the Office of Internal Audit, and non-financial matters are directed to the appropriate University department for action. This system also allows for University personnel investigating the concern to ask questions of the person making the report. All reports are thoroughly investigated until there is a final resolution and resolutions are issued through CCI's secure online system.

University Resources

University Police and Public Safety
Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Hotline: 800-550-7575 (TTY 866-714-7177)
Behavioral Threat Management Team Hotline: 1-855-863-BTMT (2868)
Assault resources by campus
Counseling and Psychological Services
Center for Women Students
University Ethics Policies and University Statement on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
Rock Ethics Institute

Community Resources

Attorney General Hotline: 814-863-1053
Pennsylvania State Police: 814-470-2238
Centre County Women's Resource Center, or telephone: 877-234-5050
Childline Telephone: 800-932-0313
National Domestic Violence Hotline or telephone: 800-799-7233
National Sexual Assault Hotline (RAINN) or telephone: 800-656-4673
Look Out for Child Abuse


Ethics and Compliance Hotline/ or telephone: 800-560-1637
Additional info online.