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bulletJoss Rose cell wall page
bulletWall BioNet
bulletCell wall genomics (Purdue)
bulletWolf-Dieter Reiter Lab (U. Conn)
bulletCellulose Electronic Network (U. Texas)
bulletGlucan synthase genes (Stanford)
bulletPectin producers association
bulletXyloglucan transglucosylase-hydrolase (XTH) page
bulletWalls and food texture (IFR, Norwich)
bulletScanning probe microscopy
bulletArabidopsis TAIR (Stanford)
bulletNCBI Entrez
bullet Carbohydrate-active enzymes (CAZY)


Plants, Evolution, and Phylogeny
bullet Angiosperm Phylogeny
bullet Bryophytes
bullet Boron and Plants
bullet Ceratopteris (C-Fern)
bullet Ferns
bullet Grasses
bullet Green Plant Phylogeny("Deep Green")
bullet Hornworts
bullet Equisetum (Sphenopsids - "Horsetails")
bullet Liverworts
bullet Lycopods (Club mosses)
bullet Missouri Botanical Garden
bullet NCBI Taxonomy Browser
bullet Plants in motion
bullet Oxidative stress
bullet Paleobotany
bullet Physcomitrella
bullet Plant images (U. Wisconsin)
bullet Plant Systematics
bullet Plasmodesmata
bullet Psilotum (Whisk Ferns)
bullet Seedless vascular plants
bullet Tree of Life
bullet U. Texas algal collection
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