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Penn State is Pennsylvania's sole land-grant institution, founded with a mission of high-quality teaching, expert research, and global service. As one university with the resources of twenty-four campus locations and the online Penn State World Campus, we're setting students up for greater career potential and empowering them to positively impact the world.

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With a campus near almost every Pennsylvania resident and global online options, Penn State's world-class education is available to meet students where they are.

There is only one Penn State. And the path toward a Penn State degree can start wherever is right for you.

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Creating Opportunities for Everyone

Penn State works diligently to provide opportunity and to enrich the quality of life for residents of the Commonwealth and beyond. Not only are we educating Pennsylvanians from all walks of life, we’re also fueling the state’s economy, serving our communities, and solving universal problems.


Campuses in communities across Pennsylvania.


Penn State students are the first in their families to attend college.


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Mushrooms are more than a superfood; they’re a living material

Did you know Pennsylvania grows almost two-thirds of white button mushrooms produced in the United States? And since the beginning, Penn State’s leadership in research and education has shaped the industry. Recently, mushroom-related research has expanded into new and surprising areas. Watch to learn how mushrooms could impact the future of environmental clean-up and architecture and design.

In the video that follows, Penn State researchers discuss mushrooms as a living material, as a food of the future, the industry, and how Penn State supports these efforts.