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Penn Staters know the real measure of success goes beyond the classroom. Success is gained by asking questions, seeking the unexpected, collaborating on solutions and always staying open to new perspectives. Together, we impact the world.

We Are

In the video that follows, two students begin collaborating on a class project. As the story progresses, their project is seen being worked on by five additional faculty and students in settings like laboratories, a stream, and a soccer field. The video ends by showing all research contributes working together at a large table when a passerby notices an error in their calculation and then is invited to calloborate with the group.

Your opportunities are unlimited

Penn State is a community inspired by pushing past limitations while exploring real-world opportunities like entrepreneurship, philanthropy, research, internships and more.


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Best Public Schools for Internships (Princeton Review, 2024).


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Celebrating pride and connection

From the "We Are Penn State" cheer to the “world's best student section,” traditions are a source of pride and connection for our global community.

Learn about the beginnings and legendary symbols of some of Penn State’s traditions.

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