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Hi everyone, welcome to the Course Blog for GEOG (EME) 432:  Energy Policy.  I thought this would be a great way for us to share thoughts on the discussion topics throughout the course, and please - feel free to add your own along the way!  Remember that 10% of your final course grade is derived from your active and thoughtful participation on the blog throughout the semester, so stay connected!  You can also use this to post questions to your classmates about lesson material, your Capstone Projects, job prospects, internships, whatever comes up!

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My Thoughts On Critiquing
I found the critiques I received to be extremely valuable throughout my policy development. I did not take offense…
Policy Critique
I really liked participating in the critiques for this course. The peer review portion of this class was more…
Peer review through critiquing is definitely a valuable portion of this class. I know my project benefited from the process…