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Red Trillium This section of the Trail is rich in wildflowers including trillium, garlic mustard, violet wood sorrel, spring beauty, rue anemone and bloodroot.  The Red Trillium shown to the right flowers in early spring (late April to early May) and is also called Wake-robin or Birthroot. It is said to have an 'ill scent'.

Wood Sorrel

The violet wood sorrel shown above flowers toward mid-May. There is a large patch of this delicate purple flowered plant on the right side of the Wildflower Trail about halfway up to the Oak Trail.

Garlic MustardThe ubiquitous garlic mustard grows all along (and on!) the path and can be recognized by the garlic smell of its crushed leaves and the small cluster of white flowers on top.

Spring Beauty In early spring (April) you can also spot the delicate white-pink flowers of Spring Beauty, with their single pair of narrow leaves and delicate darker pink veins.

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