Weekly Wrap: Preventing child abuse; A 'demon' computer; 'GAGA' for goats

Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

This week's top stories from across Penn State:

Turning the Lens: Penn State sophomore and School of Theatre student, Lauren McKee, has plenty of experience acting on stage, but filming the University's new brand video was her first on-camera experience. Watch the video, and read more about Lauren's film debut.

Preventing Child Abuse: A new initiative spearheaded by Penn State researchers is aiming to revolutionize how policymakers understand and prevent child sexual abuse.

Climate Science Doctorate: Climate science is a field devoted to the study of Earth’s climate in the past, present and future. Understanding the Earth’s future climate is vital, and in response Penn State has established a new dual-title doctoral program in climate science.

'Demon' Computer: A team of researchers at Penn State can rearrange a randomly distributed array of atoms into neatly organized blocks, thus performing the function of a “Maxwell’s demon” — a thought experiment from the 1870s that challenged the second law of thermodynamics. 

'GAGA' for Goats: Penn State Greater Allegheny welcomed a few fresh faces to campus on recently. "Goats At Greater Allegheny" — or project GAGA — is a new initiative aiding in the continued growth of regional sustainability efforts.

Student Entrepreneurship: Penn State President Eric J. Barron presented a new policy blueprint for how public universities and the federal government can strengthen their partnership to build a modern workforce that meets the evolving needs of employers and collaborate on innovation, while also becoming more effective partners with their communities to address local problems, and foster opportunity and economic mobility.

Last Updated September 06, 2018