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Penn State Berkey Creamery unveils packaging makeover

Penn State Berkey Creamery is giving its ice cream containers a makeover. Credit: Michael Houtz, Penn StateAll Rights Reserved.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — If you have been to the Penn State Berkey Creamery recently, you might have noticed some of the ice cream containers are sporting a new look.

"We have had the same product packaging design for decades," said Jim Brown, assistant manager. "As we forge ahead with new promotions and products, we felt it was time to refresh our look to reflect the future, all with the customer experience in mind."

Brown said the design makeover — introduced this past weekend on pints of the new THON-inspired flavor, "THON Gold Ribbon Ripple" — is customer-friendly with easy-to-read ingredient and nutrition information, and a new seal that will help raise awareness and identify Creamery products as a brand.

Not only that, but for the first time consumers will be able to see what's inside the containers, thanks to high-resolution photos that extend across the label. "They will be able to get an idea of what the product looks like — the vibrant colors and ingredients — before they lift the lid," Brown said.

The makeover incorporates traditional elements of the previous look, such as the blue and white coloring, because as Creamery Manager Tom Davis noted, a bulk of Creamery fans are alumni, are known to be "steeped in tradition" and want to see Penn State flair.

"It's tradition with a twist,” he said. "We've created something new, but with a respectful nod to the past of the Creamery and Penn State. The new look is distinctive and allows immediate recognition of our Creamery brand. We also are adding a little bit of fun with catchphrases on our more popular ice cream flavors."

Davis noted that the new look was a collaborative effort among the Creamery, the College of Agricultural Sciences' creative services department, and HZDG, an integrated creative agency with offices in the DC Metro Area, New York City and Baltimore.

For Karen Zuckerman, chief creative officer and president of HZDG, working on the project was exciting for her, both personally and professionally.

"I graduated from Penn State's amazing graphic design program, so having a creative opportunity to partner with the Penn State University has been a highlight of my career," she said. "I am also proud to say that many of our employees are faithful Penn Staters, so our team on this project was familiar and incredibly passionate about the Creamery."

"We know the Creamery is founded in tradition, and fans, alumni and students would be hesitant to see any change. We wanted to honor the tradition, but elevate it and capture the fun that the Berkey Creamery represents. We're excited for the future of the Creamery — and were so happy to be a part of its journey."

Davis and Brown emphasized that while the outside look is changing, what is inside is not — Creamery fans will find the premium-quality, delicious products that they have come to love.

The new product packaging will be rolled out in phases, with other pints and ice cream containers to follow. Other Creamery products, such as beverages, yogurt, coffee and cheese, will don the new duds as the year progresses.

In addition, pint flavors will be available for sale online, starting with Vanilla Bean and the new THON flavor.

For the latest information about Berkey Creamery, visit its website at or follow its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Last Updated March 21, 2018