Season two plans announced for 'The Dreamery Sessions' podcast

Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — At Penn State, stories abound regarding the intersection of sound pedagogy, technology, and how the two can work in tandem to improve teaching and learning. “The Dreamery Sessions” podcast helps bring those stories to a wide audience, and plans have now been announced for the podcast’s second season.

Season two of “The Dreamery Sessions” will feature Renea Nichols, assistant teaching professor in the Bellisario College of Communications, as the guest co-host for all four episodes.

From the onset of remote and hybrid teaching brought on by the pandemic, Nichols has implemented creative and innovative practices to keep her students engaged. On “The Dreamery Sessions” she’ll have a chance to share her inspiration, her process, her strategy, her thoughts on where teaching and learning go from here, and much more.

She will join hosts Zach Lonsinger, learning experiences designer with the Creative Learning Initiatives team at Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT), and Ray Schmitt, public relations specialist with Penn State IT. Their conversations will cover topics that are meant to inspire the Penn State community to explore ways to bring their own creative and innovative ideas to life.

To help get listeners ready for season two, a new episode of “The Dreamery Sessions” called "The Bridge Episode" is available for download and streaming. It includes full details on what audience members can expect during season two, plus a conversation with Jennifer Sparrow, associate vice president for Teaching and Learning with Technology and deputy chief information officer.

“The Dreamery Sessions” is available on iTunes and Spotify, and episodes can be streamed on the TLT website.

Last Updated February 19, 2021