LionPATH enters next phase of project

At the recent Project LionPATH all-team meeting, the team recapped what has been accomplished to date and discussed the next phase of the project. Credit: Kimberly TremaglioAll Rights Reserved.

It’s the start of the school year, and it’s also the beginning of the next phase of Project LionPATH. For the past six months, the team has been working hard completing the analyze and design phase of the project, and is preparing to enter the next phase, configure and develop.

LionPath, is a multi-year initiative to replace Penn State’s existing student information system (ISIS). Since the launch of the project in February, the LionPATH team has been taking an in-depth look at the new system to determine how Penn State's many business processes can be enhanced for staff, and services can be improved for students and faculty. Team members have investigated how the system can be best adapted for Penn State and where changes need to be made.

During the next phase, which is expected to last about nine months, the team members will complete the required configurations so that they can see the end-result of the configurations and adjustments to business processes. During this phase, the team will also discuss changes and opportunities with the executive, steering and advisory committees.

Opportunities that will be discussed with the committees include systematic checking of prerequisites at the time of enrollment and a revamped entrance-to-major process.

“Project LionPATH has been launched successfully, and the team has gained a thorough understanding of how the new software functions, what opportunities it offers for Penn State and where we will have to adjust our business practices,” said Michael Büsges, LionPATH project director. “We are looking forward to the coming months when we will configure a working prototype of the new system, begin to show how the new system works, and engage the Penn State community as we make necessary decisions and move closer to the roll-out of the first module next summer.”

Once the current phase is complete and the system has been fully configured, end-user testing will begin. Appropriate training will then be planned to coincide with each phased release of the new functionality, beginning with the admissions module in summer 2015.

To learn more about Project LionPATH and to keep up-to-date on its progress, visit the project’s website at You can also like the project on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

Last Updated September 02, 2014