Penn State statement on Department of Education's Title IX announcement

Penn State has released a statement following the Department of Education's Sept. 22 Title IX announcement.

Penn State remains firmly committed to student safety and creating a campus environment that is free of discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Today (Sept. 22), the U.S. Department of Education rescinded previously issued Title IX guidance and provided new interim guidance for university and college campuses. Penn State will continue to monitor the actions and communications at the federal level. It is our goal to keep our reporting mechanisms and supportive services for responding to incidents of sexual and gender-based harassment and discrimination as effective and accessible as possible.

No one should ever have to experience sexual misconduct or discrimination. The University will continue to act in the best interest of our students. We will maintain a strong emphasis on prevention through sexual violence education and bystander intervention training, both part of the 18 recommendations from the President’s Task Force on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.

Penn State is focused on supporting survivors of sexual violence and those impacted by bias, as well as evaluating appropriate responsibility and applying accountability in a consistent and fair manner.

As always, we strongly encourage individuals who believe they are victims of sexual misconduct or discrimination to seek help. Penn State has taken extensive efforts to promote a safe and secure campus environment. If at any time, you or others feel threatened or unsafe, please contact University Police at 814-863-1111. Additional resources available to all students are listed below:

Last Updated September 25, 2017