University issues statement following revised executive order

As you may have seen, a revised executive Order was issued Monday (March 6) by President Donald Trump. The new executive order, which will go into effect on March 16, 2017, removes Iraq from the list of seven countries impacted by the previous Order, and implements a 90-day suspension on issuance of new visas, including student visas, to citizens from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen who wish to travel to the United States (U.S.). An important distinction is that the new Order exempts current visa holders and those who held visas at the time the original Order was implemented. International students and scholars with valid F, M or J visas are not affected at this time. It also provides for a “case-by-case” waiver process for individuals from these six countries who fit certain criteria.

While the modest relaxation this new order represents is a positive change, and we hope this Order will be immediately less disruptive for our community, we remain concerned that it will still have an overall detrimental impact. Many in our community will still be anxious about its implications. If you have questions or concerns regarding your individual situation, please contact Penn State’s Office of Global Programs, 814-865-7681, or an adviser to discuss your circumstances. 

Let us reiterate, emphatically, that we will continue to fully support all members of our academic community, regardless of country of origin. We recognize the tremendous value and contributions of our international students and scholars to our academic enterprise. We strongly believe that diversity of faculty, staff and students enriches our university and nation, as well as each of us as individuals, and powerfully enables our mission of research, teaching, service and economic development.

Penn State, aligned with the Association of American Universities (AAU), remains committed to those who are part of our community today, and to those who we hope will be in the future. We strive to be, and succeed in being, a destination of choice for the most creative and talented individuals from across Pennsylvania, the U.S., and abroad. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality education and to deliver innovative and world-class research results, which cannot be accomplished without individuals from all over our extraordinary world. 

Our University is committed to respecting and honoring each individual; and to the impact that those fostering a diverse and inclusive community offer; and creating an environment where global engagement and leadership is fostered. For up-to-date information and statements on immigration, changes in federal policy and key issues impacting the Penn State community, please visit

The University today (March 7) has issued a statement following the issuance of a revised executive order on immigration. Credit: L. Reidar Jensen / Penn StateCreative Commons

Last Updated June 21, 2018