Comedy helping former Nittany Lion make a name for himself outside of football

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Most call him Spice.

Some call him Cream Biggums.

And just four get the pleasure of calling him dad.

Whatever your name for former Penn State defensive tackle Anthony Adams, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

The NFLer-turned-analyst has caught the eye of YouTubers, Chicago Bears fans and Penn Staters alike in recent years with a series of comedic viral videos, each giving a look at different perspectives in sports. With titles like “Stuff NFL Free Agents Say,” “When Refs Get the Call Wrong,” and “Different Guys at Halftime in a Losing Locker Room,” he looks back on his time playing football and brings these “characters” to life.

Though the videos have become more popular as of late, Adams has always had a funny side.

As an only child, Adams found that he always wanted to entertain those around him when he had the chance.

“I would always do something extremely wild and crazy to try to make people laugh,” he said. “I wanted everyone around me to have fun.”

Anthony Adams profiles the personalities in the locker room on the losing team. Credit: Anthony Adams

The laughs certainly continued when he made his way to Happy Valley.

“At Penn State, my teammates and friends were my direct audience,” said Adams, who earned a degree in business in 2003. “I would create all of these characters and stay in character all day, sometimes in practices.”

During his time with the Bears, he brought these characters to light after seeing similar YouTube videos without any sports-related tone and asking for some advice from teammates and friends.

“My teammates were saying that they get to see my personality every day, but the world doesn’t,” said Adams. “So, per their advice, I posted my first video and it went viral.”

It turns out, it’s not just for the laughs, either.

“It’s like therapy for me [to make the videos],” Adams said. “It’s my release and a way to express myself. Football used to be my release. I thank God that I have found something that I am passionate about other than football.”

This therapeutic process runs in the family. Highlighted in a piece in The Player’s Tribune, Adams spoke about growing up with his father in prison and how they’re spending time together now since his release in 2010. Anthony Adams Sr. is an artist and often painted while incarcerated, then sent the final product to his son, who cherishes the pieces deeply.

“I can relate to my dad feeling at ease when he has a pencil and blank canvas in front of him,” said Adams. “You get a chance to make a masterpiece starting from nothing.”

Thanks to the viral videos, along with his experience in interviews throughout his collegiate and NFL career, Adams has been able to adapt pretty well to the cameras and hot lights.

“I pay attention to everything, from the camera guy to the producer,” he said. “Nothing gets past me.”

Adams’ confidence in making the content has opened a wide variety of doors for his career. He’s currently on the Big Ten Network’s “BTN Tailgate” show, which will broadcast from Happy Valley for Penn State's Nov. 18 matchup against Nebraska, and a co-host of “Inside the Bears,” a show focusing on the Bears’ “off-the-field fun and entertainment.” He’s appeared on HBO’s “Ballers” alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, will be featured on the upcoming season of “Detroiters” on Comedy Central, and, just recently, it was announced he’ll be co-hosting ABC’s “The Great American Baking Show” with Ayesha Curry, which is slated to air in December.

One of Adams’ favorite parts of his different roles is a segment for the Chicago Bears called “Big Guys in Compact Cars,” where he interviews NFL players in small vehicles. “It is the most uncomfortable 15 minutes ever,” Adams said, but he has a great time filming and talking about life while fighting for elbow room.

As with any success story, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, but Adams notes that failing is a part of triumph.

“I’m a very positive person and I look at life in that you either win, or you learn,” he said.

As for the successes of the Nittany Lions football team this fall, he provided his quick prediction.

“Penn State will continue to make me and esteemed alumni proud with not only the way they play, but by the way they carry themselves.”

Former Penn State and NFL defensive tackle Anthony Adams will be featured on the upcoming season of “Detroiters” on Comedy Central. Adams, right, a Detroit native, is pictured here with actor Jason Sudeikis, the show's executive producer. Credit: Courtesy Anthony AdamsAll Rights Reserved.

Last Updated November 15, 2017