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Canvas and Zoom: Adding gender and identity pronouns to your name

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State continues to create and maintain an open, safe and inclusive environment honoring gender and sexual diversity. The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (CSGD) provides a comprehensive range of education, information, and advocacy services to students, faculty, staff and alumni. 

In accordance with Penn State’s AD84 Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy and the guidelines set forth by the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Canvas and Zoom users have the option to add gender and identity pronouns to their display names. 

In Canvas, users can update their account settings to display their preferred gender and identity pronouns after their name in various areas, including inbox, discussions, user profile page and user navigation menu. 

In Zoom, while students, faculty and staff cannot update the name on the profile due to administrative security settings, Penn Staters do have the option of changing their name or adding pronouns to the name displayed in a Zoom meeting. Changing the display name updates the name for the current meeting only and will need to be reset on a per-meeting basis. The ability to change the name during the meeting is dependent on the individual security settings determined by the meeting's host. If the "Rename" option does not display, then the meeting host has not enabled this feature for the meeting.

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Last Updated April 15, 2021