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‘This is Penn State’ Web series ventures to Shaver’s Creek

Jason Beale, of Shaver’s Creek, readies a barred owl for its close-up on “This is Penn State.” Credit: Bill Zimmerman / Penn StateCreative Commons

In June, “This is Penn State” offers a close-up of Shaver’s Creek -- with  the emphasis on feathers and scales. 

Located 12 miles from campus, the University facility has been connecting people with nature since 1976 and boasts a collection of live birds of prey and reptiles.

Where can you see eye-to-eye with owls and snakes? "This is Penn State" visits Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. Credit: C Roy Parker

In Episode 2 of “This is Penn State,” Jason Beale, program director of live animal care, gives a glimpse of his wild world.

“This is Penn State” made it’s debut last month with a look at the West Halls’ beloved chocolate chip cookie. 

The monthly Web series shines a spotlight on things that make Penn State exceptional, whether it’s in the middle of campus or off the beaten path.

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Last Updated June 04, 2015